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Because owning a home
is just the start.

Because owning
a home is
just the start.

At Red Door Management, we understand that owning a home is just the start of a luxury homeowner’s journey.

Once the keys are handed over, things need to happen.

Utilities need to be set up. Furniture needs to be bought. Maintenance needs to be performed. For snowbirds, the house needs to be prepped before every visit. Over time, major redesigns need to be managed by licensed professionals.

The list goes on and on.

It’s more than most homeowners can handle on their own.

Which is why we’re here to help. To take care of all the things the owner of a luxury house needs, so they can focus on enjoying their life, rather than worrying about their home.

Need help? Just ask.

Our Services Include:

  • Home Watch
  • Utility Setup
  • Interior/Exterior Home Care
  • Vendor/Designer Services
  • Hospitality Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Construction Management

Need something else?

Just Ask!

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At Red Door Management, we have a few superpowers.

Listening to what homeowners want and giving it to them

We understand that no two homeowners are living the same story.

That's why our mission is to make your story a happy and stress-free one by offering personalized concierge services that address every detail, no matter how small, unique, or even unusual.

Seeing what homeowners need before they know it themselves

Whether you’ve just bought your home or have owned it for years, we’ll create a customized maintenance plan that keeps all of the systems in your home running at peak efficiency.

Our staff and vendors are trained to catch issues before they become problems. Like tuning up your AC system or changing the water filter in your refrigerator. Which saves you money in the long run, and ensures that your house will hold its value over time.

Providing homeowners with peace of mind, each and every day

Our goal is to become a relied-upon extension of your family.

This means caring as much about your house and your investment as you do yourself, being available whenever you need us, and acting as your eyes and ears when you can’t be there yourself.

So whether you’re a full-time resident or a snowbird who only uses your house a few months out of the year, we’ll be the family member you can count on, who’s never more than a phone call away, leaving you free to focus on your business, family, and leisure time while we take care of all the rest.

Get started today.

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As a luxury developer, your brand is everything.

And that brand is only as strong as the trust and happiness of the homeowners who have chosen you.

The secret to transforming homeowners into lifelong fans is keeping them happy from the day the foundation is laid until long after the keys have been handed over. Which means not only staying on top of their current needs, but also anticipating and addressing the ones they don’t even know they have yet.

When it comes to delivering peace of mind, every detail matters, no matter how small. But these details can be time-consuming and resource-depleting without a clear, proven system in place to keep things running smoothly.

Red Door Management is a full-service real estate management company that offers luxury homeowners a comprehensive suite of unmatched concierge services, helping developers get it right every time, build trust with clients, and strengthen brand equity.

So are you a luxury developer who’s interested in bolstering your own in-house lifestyle program through improved processes and training? Or would you rather hand it all over to a team of seasoned experts to handle for you?

Either way, Red Door stands ready to help you address your clients’ every need, big or small. To keep their homes in the best shape possible. And to help your brand establish a reputation for care that will bring new clients to your door.

Ready to make your homeowners happy?

Let's get started.

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About Red Door Management

Red Door Management began as the vision of president and founder Liz Dickinson.

As a child, Liz’s parents would take her along with them to stay at some of the finest hotels in the world. Yet unlike her siblings, she was unimpressed by all the trappings of luxury, and bored by the idea of lounging around the pool all day.

So instead, she would wander behind closed doors to areas like the kitchen or the laundry room, curious about what happened there.

Next thing she knew, she was helping the staff fold bed sheets, polish silverware, prepare elaborate dishes, and even change light bulbs.

What impressed her most was that all of it was done with such care. With expertise. And with a close attention to the details that would make each guest most happy.

Liz embraced this simple philosophy early on -- Make People Happy -- and has carried it with her throughout her decades-long career as a realtor, hospitality services SVP, construction manager, and owner’s rep.

It’s ultimately what inspired her to found Red Door Management in 2009, as a way to bring the same level of care and expertise she’d mastered in the real estate and hospitality industries to concierge services for luxury homeowners.

Reach out to Liz.

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Contact Us

Red Door Management

1720 Old 100 Road
Geneva, Florida 32732

Phone (office): 407-519-4120
Phone (Liz cell): 772-486-4296

Email (office): HomeServices@reddoormgmt.com
Email (Liz): Elizabeth@reddoormgmt.com


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Flagler Occ License
  • Florida Real Estate License
  • Home Inspectors License
  • Inter NACHI ID Card
  • Osceola County Occ License
  • Volusia County Occ License

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